Jumat, 23 Januari 2009


Indonesia have many various kind of traditional art of dance, the one of traditional art of dance from Javanese, especially from central java and east java is called Ebeg (From Banyumas), Jathilan (from Solo, Yogyakarta and East Java). Ebeg Jathilan called in local language or Kuda Lumping called in Indonesian language is a game by dancing who plays by 4th-10th or more dancer that they wore custom/uniform on full color dominated red color, blue color and yellow.
So the performance like that very interested to showing in public area, this dance applies bamboo matting formed looks like horse, complete with its accessory. Visible this from clothes used by dancer as well as movement of dance looking like empire soldier riding on horseback with maneuvers to march, rotary with next player commando, dashes against like will battle. Usually Ebeg or jathilan show played on independence celebrating days, initiation ceremony when the boys left the childhood age or wedding and others ceremonial to collect viewers of mass.
The name Ebeg or Jathilan /Kuda Lumping literally means "flat horses", in this traditional dance, horse which made by bamboo was put between the dancer leg and they dance by following the traditional music from kendhang, bonang, saron, kempul, slompret and ketipung.
The harder and faster ritmhic of traditional music will be following by the dancer to dance more faster and harder. At once into trance, the horse-riding dancers start behaving like horses and then begin their battle against the evil .

The Kuda Lumping horses from Central Java are used in a trance dance of the public area like school yard or soccer fields. There are a number of trance dances among the traditional dances of Java. Ebeg or Jathilan / Kuda Lumping is one of these trance dances. Unlike many kind of the other trance dances, Ebeg or Jathilan / Kuda Lumping is about the battle of good and evil.

The action that is very waited by audience is third act or last act where the players experiences " trance”.
The players is being this trance does illogical activity, they can eat material of glasses like Ball lamp, Tube Lamp or others who made of glasses and they are not hurt. The player having trait like animal that is eating grass, eats coconut, eats paddy with the handle, eats chicken flesh which still raw. Simply action of the player influenced by occult soul or so-called with indang (the soul of ancient people or the soul of animal) is coming into the dancer body. If monkey soul hence action of the player like deportment of monkey. He will go up tree then down forwards with under head, opens coconut with bite and breaks with his own head. If entering beast animal soul to eat will eat flesh which still raw. And other occult soul.
They do that external from awareness. To make situation of multitude once in a while there are audience making act of to be pursued by Kuda lumping dancer is being trance. Its way by using red clothes or shakes down tree causing pursued. Then they see like enemy which must be defeated. Then audience cheers and laughs see many people to run. Masks are used by the dancers to pose as various spirits and the main characters are the horse riding dancers.The dancers become the horse that they are riding and are brought out of their trance at the end of the dance.