Senin, 12 Januari 2009


Gedong Songo Temple. This is a places resort on the slopes of Mountain at Ungaran, Ungara is near Semarang.It is about 900 meters above sea level. Gedong Songo temples almost people calls like that, it means of Nine buildings but so far there are still seven building we can see because the others ( two building ) only have the pondations, a group of small 8th century Hinduism of Javanese temples, can be reached either by car or on horseback from Ungaran. Built at about the same time as the temples of the Dieng complex, Gedong Songo is one of the most beautifully temple complexes in Central Java. The views alone are worth the trip.

Do you want a ride a horse to reached up hill

This is 9th building

Background the twin mount a beatiful landscape

A group of small 8th century

The Structure of Building were damaged

The 4th Building

The 3rd Building

The 2nd Building

the 1st Building