Jumat, 02 Januari 2009


Dieng Plateu is the one of beautiful places a known by fresh air and so cool, because the location of Dieng Plateu on 1000 metres up from the sea. The word of Dieng perform of two words of native language called “ Di and Hyang “ It means a places to offering to Earth of Gods. Dieng Plateu are located in north west of Central Java. There are many temples who called Semar Temples, Srikandi Temples, Arjuna Temples, Sembadra Temples, Bima Temples and Puntadewa Temples, their name is the same like the name of character in a story on Wayang. Dieng temples is a Hinduism were build in 8 – 9 ages. The shape of a few temples were not complete again damaged by old, rainwater, sunshine for along time and others.

The Older architecture from javanese Temple
a very Unique the arts of architecture.

Beautiful landscape from Higher Land

Do you want to visit here.

It is So Cloudy all of day

Look at carefully these picture, How Did to makes It

Inviting you, to visited here.

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